7 Reasons for Choosing a Startup Over a Corporate to Work for



If you are reading this article, you are in a good place! It means that you have that problem of plenty where you are the one making a choice. Most people would be content to get a job at a large corporation which pays them decent, tags them with a brand they can boast of and would enhance their chances of getting married (especially in India). Most of them wouldn’t even have an issue of repeating the same mundane task again and again that hardly challenges their intellect and requires them to just go about their life without any “thrills”.

If you are not one of those “most people”, who really are driven by passion and not just their need to survive, you already know that you want to do something different but need someone to tell you why you should do it… A second person validation makes you feel good about your decision 😉

Even if you are one of those “content without excitement” types, reading the list below may wake you up to possibilities in your life and career you never considered until now.

So, Read on….

1. You get to shoulder more responsibility: 


In a big organization, there always is a “team” to do a “task”. Most often you would be working as part of a team working on a task that doesn’t require the skills or degrees that you worked so hard for. You didn’t become an Engineer or did your MCA to be just editing a small section, of a small module of a big product application. You wanted to write the code for an app yourself. There you go, join a startup and satisfy your “responsibility” urges.

2. You Learn, Learn and Learn some more:


Learning is in the DNA of a startup environment. Everyone involved with a startup can be sure of learning new things every day. Even the top bosses in a startup cannot claim to have everything sorted out for themselves. They make mistake every day and learn from it. It is an environment which doesn’t frown upon on people who makes mistakes, as everyone is making mistakes. But, it rewards the ones who learn from their mistakes and never repeat them. It would be an under-statement if I say at a startup you acquire knowledge on an “hourly” basis.

3. Climb faster up the hierarchy ladder:


In a startup, if you are smart, work hard and passionate, before you know you could be part of the management team and making decisions that could change the course of the game for your company. Whereas in a big organization, you have to do your time and you have to laugh your heart out at your boss’ jokes to get promoted. Unless, you are charismatically superior to your peers, you cannot by-pass the grind on your way up.

4. You will learn to value money:


Early stage startups have many rewards to offer to you; big money is not one of them. Startups are generally cash crunched and in a way it is good for them, as it keeps them on the edge and eager to extract the most out of the resources they have. Being a startup employee, you will inherit the same traits and will learn to respect the value of money. You will also derive your happiness from doing something you are passionate about and not by materialistic things of life. Always remember, the happiest people in the world are not necessarily the richest. Money is good but you require only that much of it.

5. You will work in a chilled out environment:


Wear jeans to work on weekdays. Have flexible hours of work, as long as you complete the task. No sir, no Ma’m; treat everyone like your buddies. Work with people as passionate as you are. Learn to be an entrepreneur yourself. Make new and great friends. Get to use awesome apps and if in a technology startup, build one! The list goes on and on..

6. It builds your character:


Working in a startup environment is challenging. If you are not, or don’t learn to be hardworking, honest and have an exemplary work ethic, you would not last in this environment for many days. However, it gives you a shot at engraining yourself with these wonderful qualities. After you go through the grind, you come out a better person, filled with values and an excellent work ethic.

7. You share you victories and losses:


Startups usually are small teams. As a member you get to celebrate all the milestones that your company achieves. Every small success calls for a pizza or a drink. On the other for every setback, your personal or the company’s as a whole, your team would be there to empathize with you. It’s an excellent environment for sharing; not just your skill or knowledge but also your emotions and dreams.

Have more reasons to share that would encourage our readers to work in a startup? Please do share. If you disagree and want to list down reasons which make corporations a better choice, feel free to do so… Remember you are on the page of a startup website, and have all the liberty. Use it to the fullest…

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