Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Course for a Better Career


We are lucky to be living in a time where there is no shortage of options. As a student you can pick from endless course options based on your area of interest and the type of career you want to build. While it’s great to have options, it also makes you confused and indecisive at times. Which course to pick? Which way to go? What is the best path for you? Which career path would be the most fruitful? Should you pick something that would ensure you riches or should you choose a career that would give you the job satisfaction you need to do your best out of it? Well, the answer is not easy and making the choice is even more difficult. However, if you follow the tips below, it would make your job of taking the decision a lot easier…

#1 What really interests you?


Most people in India, choose a course to fulfill their parents’ wishes, which is again based on the course’s ability to land them a decent job. This approach however, often leads to a lot of stress for the candidates. A person who is naturally inclined towards arts, will not be able to excel at engineering and vice-versa. That is why it is important to understand what excites you. What is it that gives you a lot of joy when you do it? Is it painting a picture or creating a model for a war-ship? Well, if you look inside yourself, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find the right answer. The first step towards choosing a course to build a career is to ask yourself, what is your interest and what would you really excel at?

#2 Do your research


Once you have decided on your area of interest you must do you research on various course options and career opportunities available in your concerned area. In today’s information age, this should not be very difficult as almost all organizations have an internet present and mostly the information is updated online. It is also good to look at the overall trend and scenario in various sectors. The graphics below shows the current trend of popular career choices made in India. The popularity of these choices though are mostly based on traditional wisdom of choosing an Engineering or Medical profession; or the current trend of an MBA degree being considered a safe bet for landing a high paying job. You should research further into how you can make the most out of building a career in a field that you are passionate about.

#3 Shortlist your college options


Once you have explored your inner self and decided on the path you want to take, it’s important to find out the best institutions available that offer the course of your interest. Again, explore the websites of various universities and colleges to find out if your desired course is being offered there and what are you required to get an admission. Aim for the best college that you can get. Do not get discouraged if you cannot get the best one out there but make sure to be amongst the best students in the college or institution that you enroll to. If you think from “getting placed” perspective, many companies nowadays hire from B and C class cities and institutions, however, invariably the students in the top bracket in any particular institute will have a better chance of being selected.

#4 Do you get a degree?


It is important to know what you would get on the completion of a course. I can give an example, as a student I decided to pursue the DOEACC ‘A’ & ‘B’ level which are very comprehensive and equivalent to a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in computer application respectively. However, after the completion of the course I got a certification and not a degree. This was a major hassle for me as, when I tried to pursue higher studies abroad, I was supposed to have a Master’s degree to enroll. Fortunately for myself, I had simultaneously completed my degree programs. Many of my friends had just completed their certification and they had to do their graduation all over again in order to pursue a course like MBA in the future. In retrospect, even for me, it was a lot of hassle. I would have been better off if I had selected to do my bachelor’s and master’s in computer application from a recognized university which offered me a degree at the completion instead of a certification.

#5 Affordability of the course


Finally, you also have to consider the affordability of the course that you select. Although there are many financing options available nowadays that allow you to secure a student loan, which you can repay once you get a job, but it is recommended to choose the course and institution that give you the best value for money. You do not want to be stuck in a position where you have spent way too much on your education and the payback is not good enough for you to quickly repay your loans.

Still confused? Not the one to make a career decision based on your passion alone but want to pursue whatever has a better chance of success and pays well after completion? Please look at some of the stats that would help you with on the ground information on the same.


(Average initial salary 2.5- 3.5 Lakhs /year)

Stream / Degree Percentage placed
Computer Science and Engg. 68%
Civil Engg. 61%
Meachanical Engg. 63%
Electrical Engg. 57%
Electronics & Communication Engg. 53%
Biotechnology 52%
Electricals & Elecronics Engg. 59%


(Average initial salary 3-7 Lakhs / year)

Stream / Degree Percentage placed
MBBS 96%
BDS 85%
BAMS 73%
OTHERS 55-85%


(Average initial salary 2-4 Lakhs / year)

Stream / Degree Percentage placed
Marketing Management 51%
Finance Management 59%
Human Resource Management 47%
International Business Management 48%
Operation Management 50%
Others 45-55%

(Source: –

You many want to have a look beyond the most popular career choices and explore some of the following interesting vocational career choices. Please feel free to write us on if you have further queries:

         Photography          Animation
         Music          Painting
         Interior Designing          Writer
         Journalism          Ethical Hacking
         Hotel Management          Physical Education
         Fire Safety          Library Science
         Paranormal Science          Foreign Languages
         Web  Designing          Modeling
         Philosophy          Tourism
         Criminology          Aviation

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