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Ok! so finally it’s your last day, you have cleared your desk, and there is a spring in your step as you don’t have to come back to this dreaded desk and see those same old glum faces and try and act bland.


Though, if you are like me, you would rather send grenades to your colleagues and a special atomic bomb to your HOD and a shotgun to the HR who just comes to the office to buff up her nails and make your life hell! But sadly, it can’t be so. Yes, with a sad heart I tell you, those grenades and shotguns need to be put away and the way you survived your tenure, you have to survive the last day. After all, you still haven’t received your full and final settlement and though my heart bleeds to break it to you, you are not a superhero bashing up the evil ones. So let’s try and survive the last day and the last email.

Why should you send the mail?

Well, firstly to announce to the world that you are free! That you won’t be dragging yourself to this place of work daily from now on! Secondly, to tell people that you are available on your personal email in case someone wants to stay in touch. It never hurts to network you see. Thirdly, to cause heartburn, tell the superior that you have this job at a better company with a better pay pack and that he/she can burn in hell.

When should you send the Email?

Once you have handed over your responsibilities to the concerned person, briefed your HOD and handed over all company assets, once all the norms are complete, you should send a mass mail. Once you send it, people might want to come up to talk to you. Mostly out of curiosity, mostly out of envy and majority out of politeness. So finish up all the signing documentation and handing over because once you send the mail, you would want to have some happy time, smiling and looking at people you hate that they won’t matter to you from tomorrow.

Whom should you send the email?

To all of those whom you want to burn! If you are working with a big organisation, with lots of different departments, it’s advisable to send different mails to different departments as the level of interaction was different at different levels.

Functional head:

yeah you would rather blast the guys head off, but it’s polite to thank him/her. After all, the world is a small place and you might run into this person again, in some other organisation, and even God can’t save you if you tell him/her your true feelings


Yes you think they come to office just to paint their nails, but they were the ones who helped hire you to remember! So, say a small thank you for putting up with you, do not forget the HR generalist as this person processed your salary ( though you feel it was peanuts)


yes, this guy has a thankless job, probably the only guy you relate to, so mention this guy or this team in your mail, might just make his/their day.


No one messes with the finance guys, from the big boss to the sweeper, these guys are in charge of the coffers so never mess with them. You might have to come back for picking some document for your tax purposes, or to get the bonus you were supposed to get at the quarter end. So keep them happy, they are frustrated souls anyway, dealing in money all the time, money which doesn’t belong to them.


Send a mail telling them they can’t make your life hell anymore! You must intimate them that they will be taken care of by another person, keep it light and happy as these very customers might be the customers you may have to deal with in your next organisation, as they say, World is a small place

What to write in the email?

Your tenure had good memories and bad ones! However, concentrate on the good ones and thank everyone you met in the journey, you didn’t kill anyone and others tried but failed in killing you too, so be happy and thank them all.

Sample Mails

To colleagues

Dear All,
After a stimulating and unforgettable stint with [ ], I am bidding adieu in the coming week to this company to pursue other career opportunities. I would like to take this opportunity to remember and cherish our times spent together. It’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you. Even though I will miss you all here I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase of my career.

Thanking colleagues and managers for guiding and helping me through my journey so far.
Do stay in touch.
My personal contacts are:
Email (
Contact phone number (XXXX).
Good luck and wish you all the best in your endeavours!
Best regards,

Manager to team

Dear Team,
As I informed you all in the last meeting, I am moving on to a new challenging position in another company next week. Coming Saturday, 26th March, will be my last working day here. Before I leave, I must thank you all for being am the amazing team that worked with enthusiasm, perseverance, and the ‘never say die’ spirit. It has been a pleasure working with you all I sincerely hope you continue to extend your cooperation to the current leadership teams and the succeeding manager. I wish you all, my fellow partners and everyone in the larger XYZ family, all the very best.
Do not hesitate to contact me at:
With best wishes

A funny last day mail

Dear Co-Workers, As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type “Today is my last day.”For nearly as long as I’ve worked here, I’ve hoped that I might one day leave this company. And now that this dream has become a reality, please know that I could not have reached this goal without your unending lack of support. Words cannot express my gratitude for the words of gratitude you did not express.

I would especially like to thank all of my managers: in an age where miscommunication is all too common, you consistently impressed and inspired me with the sheer magnitude of your misinformation. It takes a strong man to admit his mistake – it takes a stronger man to attribute his mistake to me.

Over the past three years, you have taught me more than I could ever ask for and, in most cases, ever did ask for. I have been fortunate enough to work with some absolutely interchangeable supervisors on a wide variety of seemingly identical projects – an invaluable lesson in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium.

Your demands were high and your patience short, but I take great solace knowing that my work was, as stated in my annual review, “Mostly satisfactory.” That is the type of praise that sends a man home happy after even a 10 hour day, smiling his way through half a bottle of mostly satisfactory scotch.

And to most of my peers: even though we barely acknowledged each other within these office walls, I hope that in the future, should we pass on the street, you will regard me the same way as I regard you: sans eye contact.

So, in parting, if I could pass on any word of advice to the individual who will soon be filling my position, it would be to cherish this experience like a sponge and soak it up like a good woman, because a job opportunity like this comes along only once in a lifetime.
Meaning: if I had to work here again in this lifetime, I would sooner kill myself. Very truly yours,

Sample 1:

Goodbye and best wishes to all
Today is my last day at Joblagao.   Looking forward to retirement.   When I joined Joblagao I wanted to try the “startup experience” and was warned that it was rarely a success.   Best decision I ever made.  There were certainly bumps in the road, but it was a fun journey.   It’s going to be the people I miss the most. Best wishes everyone!

Sample 2:

Hello All,
I want to bid farewell to you all and inform you that I am leaving my position at Joblagao. Today is my last day at work.
I have enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with you all.
During these last six years you all have provided me support and through your encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel at the projects offered to me.
With many of you, I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even though I shall not be here with the company.
I do wish you and the company every success in all its future endeavours.
Please  do keep in touch with me through any of the below means.

Sample 3:


Today is my last day at Joblagao. I never imagined this day to come but here we are about to bid farewell to each other. I have spent my entire career upto now with this team in various roles, we have shared ups and downs along the way and i will always cherish the memories as they enriched me personally and professionally.

I am heading off to my next adventure, please wish me luck as i do the same to you.

I would like to thank everyone who worked with me during this 11 years from the bottom of my heart especially those that gave me such a hard time (mostly in a good way i believe :-))

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