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TCS, the pioneer in IT services company in India. This company is financially backed by the Tata Group. Most recently, it was in the news for layoffs. Nevertheless it is a good company to work for if you are looking for job certainty in your career. Layoff is very rare and it is done in extreme circumstances

See the sample payslip of TCS. Once you are given the offer, you will have the flexibility to make changes in various components.

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You can choose the amount for HRA, LTA etc.

  • Your variable is set approximately 20% - 30% of your package
  • 80% of your variable will depend upon your performance rating/billability etc. 20% will depend on the company performance.
  • 80% of your variable will come in your salary with the heading "Variable Allowance".
  • The company performance amount will be credited on a quarterly basis based on the company’s Quarterly result. This will come under the heading "Miscellaneous"
  • You can find some unique deductions like "Labour Welfare" and "TCS Welfare Trust". The TCS Welfare Trust is used in case of medical emergencies which require high cost of treatment. This is amount is shared by all members of Tata Group of Companies
  • You can get Sodexo coupons an save tax

You can download salary payslip of TCS from here Tata_Consultancy_Services.pdf
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