Salary and Payslip of Accenture



You can download the sample salary slip from of Accenture.

Accenture Salary Slip

Note that personal data like name, Account number has been changed.

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For an existing employee of Accenture, Salary slip can be downloaded from Allsec website

Note that your login id is “ACC” prefixed to your employee id. For example if your employee id is 11225948, you login id will be ACC11225948

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In Accenture,you have the flexibility to change your package. You can decide your own basic. However, there is a limit to that. You cannot have more than 45% of your package to be assigned to basic. There is a lower limit as well.

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If you want to save money for the future through PF, this is a good option because the company's company is over and above your package. Note that some companies show the employer's contribution in your package and deduct it from your payslip, so ideally you have 2 deductions from your payslip, one is your contribution and another one is company's contribution. The GOOD thing about Accenture's package is that the employer's contribution is on top of that. So, if you decide high amount of Basic, the company's contribution also increases :-)

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You can define the reimbursement section. For HRA, the calculation will be as given below:

so you can adjust HRA, by changing your basic. It is recommended to keep the HRA as the actual amount paid or the amount eligible for exemption (See above)

You will also be given shift allowance, if you are working in Shifts.

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Salary in Accenture:

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Ravi Kant answered| Apr 14, 2015

They have not mentioned employer's contribution to PF in the slip. So while calculating the PF amount should one expect more than the amount as per the PF mentioned in the salary, like even it's there in the article that employers contribution is on top of that. Kindly clarify.

Job Lagao answered| Mar 17, 2015

Ravi Kant, Yes the PF amount will be double to what id deducted from your payslip. So, you can change your basic and accordingly the PF will be deducted (There is a cap of 8% on the basic). So if you decide your PF to be 2000 per month, the company will also deposit Rs. 2000 which will be on and above your package.